Managed Services

January 4, 2011

Many businesses focused on such goals as streamlining costs, gaining access to a wider range of professionals, and ensuring proper oversight of their information technology systems turn to managed services providers like Jonathan Edwards’ Digital Management Services to accomplish those goals and a host of others. Sometimes called outsourcing, managed services allow companies to transfer the supervision of their daily IT operations to a third-party vendor. While some companies maintain a Director of IT or a similar technical manager and hand over only the day-to-day IT tasks to their managed services provider, other companies rely on their managed services provider for such functions as technology audits, growth and update strategies, and the design and implementation of new or expanded systems. A key advantage of managed services is that the third-party organizations bear the cost for expensive tracking and monitoring software and the equipment necessary to support complex IT tasks. Moreover, the utilization of managed services provides companies with a fixed price for such services, creating more budgetary certainty. By moving routine IT functions to a managed services provider, some businesses eliminate the cost of salary and benefits for technicians or allow for forward-thinking employees, whose efforts were previously concentrated on routine monitoring, to be placed in more rewarding positions. With technological decisions delegated to a managed services provider, businesses are relieved of many daily tasks that require significant overhead costs. Also, because managed service providers often employ a number of IT experts, their customers receive access to a wide range of specializations, giving them the functionality of a large IT staff at a fraction of the cost.


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