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Benefits of Outsourcing Information Technology

June 27, 2014

Jonathan Edwards, the founder and CEO of DMS Technology, collaborates regularly with high-end investment banks, hedge funds, and other companies seeking to benefit from tech outsourcing. The recent recipient of a patent for his new global information technology (IT) system, Jonathan Edwards uses such systems to develop cost-saving solutions for DMS clients.

In an inherently global business world, outsourcing departments or functions that don’t necessarily need to be done in-house has many benefits. Information technology is one of them. By choosing offshore management for its IT services, a company can more effectively focus on its core business. Staff attention, once spent on logistical communications issues, can instead be dedicated to attracting and retaining customers and making sales, which directly affects profit.

Furthermore, an outsourcing group that specializes in IT operations can in turn offer its client companies more resources and save costs. The client company no longer has to fund its own in-house IT department and all the software and hardware upgrades needed for the department to remain up to date and competitive. A dedicated tech company, operating in a less expensive labor market, can usually provide the necessary services at lower rates as well. This is particularly beneficial for small and new businesses, which are then able to allocate assets to business development and growth.