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Digital Management Services’ VoIP System

December 9, 2010

by Jonathan Edwards DMS

In my capacity as the CEO of Digital Management Services (DMS) in New York City, I work with clients ranging from boutique investment firms to emerging technology providers. DMS’ Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) packages combine messaging, voice mail, data service, remote hosting, conferencing, and collaboration capabilities provided over multi-service networks. This allows our clients to offer their customers and employees a seamless and flexible communications experience, with many of the capacities enjoyed by much larger firms. Our systems also provide real-time hosting capacities that increase a sense of teamwork among remote employees and consultants. The team of experienced analysts, enterprise architects, project managers, and system and network engineers at DMS is uniquely able to plan and foresee potential networking issues before they occur. By working with clients in assessing the effects that all potential linking applications and systems will have on the communications platform as a whole, we ensure a seamless integration process with minimal disruption to workflow and communications capacities. We strive to lower client costs at all times by carefully pruning services to those essential to business needs, avoiding unnecessarily complicated systems. Above all, we design IT-based communications networks to provide up-to-date functionality at a fraction of previous costs. I recommend visiting the DMS company website at if you are a small- or medium-sized business owner considering a communications system upgrade.